Nine Tips on How to Reduce the Risk of Theft when you Travel

The best way to reduce stress and keep happy while your travel is to take some steps in advance to reduce the risk of you failing prey to theft while you are away from home. Personally, I have travelled to over twenty countries some where crime definitely happens frequently and I trust you will find these tips of value.

Here are some steps that will assist you:

First Tip

Call Your Credit Card Company BEFORE you Travel

Most people forget to call their credit card company to let them know they will be away on holidays. When you do there are two benefits.

Firstly, your call makes sure your credit card is not blocked when you make a purchase in a foreign country since if the credit card company does not know you are away they may think it is a fraudulent action when it is actually you.

Secondly, if a high priced transaction is attempted to be processed in your home area by someone other than you while you are away you have already alerted your credit card company and they can automatically block it from being cleared.


Second Tip


Have a friend pick up the mail from your home and any other deliveries. If possible, have a neighbour leave a car in your driveway and several old pair of shoes by the front and back doors all to pretend you are still at home. Timed lights etc. all help. Use light timers like this.


Third Tip

Do Research on where you are staying BEFORE you Arrive

If you book your vacation through a reputable travel agent you can ask questions about the location you are staying in and any news updates about concerns relating to crime in the area. If you book your own flight and book your own place to stay online unless you have been there before recently you need to do some research to know where are the good areas to stay and which are not so good.

Personally, I know there are a few hotels and hostels in places like Vancouver, Canada or Dublin, Ireland where when you go online and reserve a place you would not know they are in a higher crime area part of town. Only because I have lived in both places do I know the areas.


Fourth Tip

Know Your Pricing

If you are travelling to a country where you speak little or none of the language before you go learn some of the numbers so you can identify them on pricing sign in stores or on the streets. This is so you can tell if the local sellers are giving you the real price or a special higher tourist price for everything from drinks in bars to jewellery in a market. I learned new languages with CDs like this.


Fifth Tip

Know Your Guide

Be cautious if you meet someone on the street who offers to give you guidance around town or a ride to a location. Many people are being friendly but some are simply people who just want to take you somewhere to steal your valuables.


Sixth Tip

Hold onto to Your Receipts

Be careful as to what you do with your credit card receipt when you are travelling since you may just be leaving enough information for a person to go online and make an unwanted purchase in your name.


Seventh Tip

Social Networks

Avoid telling the whole world via Twitter or Facebook or your blog that you will be away from this date to that date because you never know who might try to break into your home while you are away. Save the stories of your adventures until you return home.


Eight Tip

At the Beach or in the Park

When you are on vacation perhaps you will go for a swim or a jog. Remember to make sure you take your few valuables with you. If you cannot leave your room key somewhere secure in a safe and you wish to take some cash or a credit card with you then put your hotel keys, credit card etc. in a mini safety waterproof pouch  This can help avoid you being stressed while you are having a relaxing swim or jog.


Ninth Tip

Worst Case

If you happen to have your wallet or purse stolen by a person picking your pocket or some other action be sure ahead of time you are only carrying a small amount of cash and a minimum number of identity and credit cards. In addition, have stored somewhere safe all the phone numbers you need to contact your countries embassy and credit card companies.

Don’t just store these phone numbers in your phone in case it is stolen too.

Store them with a phone card for the country you are in so you can make your calls rapidly without searching for a phone card seller who will expect you to have money to pay for a card when you lost your money!

Also, make sure you report the crime right away and get a copy of the police report to use as proof to companies what happened when you get back home.

I hope these ideas will assist you in having a peaceful and joyful trip!

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Enjoy a wonderful trip,