Napoleon Hills First Editions

When I was a young man my Dad inspired me to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – a guide to creating abundance in all areas of life. Hill’s work would be one of the seeds that changed my life forever, thank you Dad.

From time to time I am asked what books I am currently reading, well, recently, I was looking at my Dad’s books and he had purchased a copy of the First Editions of Napoleon Hill. In this book that is free of the sugar coating of many modern day personal development writers Hill explains in very clear and decisive words the power of a number of life changing laws like the Law of Compensation, the Law of Repulsion, the Golden Rule and the Habit of Forgiving and Forgetting.

First Editions is in fact a collection of Hill’s early writings that were published in two small magazines during the 1920’s. One magazine was called Hill’s Golden Rule Magazine, the other called Napoleon Hill’s Magazine. On one magazine cover was written ‘the little silver quarter you pay for this copy may mark the most important turning point in your life!’

It is noted the topic matter is dealing with the laws of the mind and human conduct that paint the way to success for every human being. It is a wonderful book to read since it pre-dates the content of Hill’s most famous book Think and Grow Rich that has been a personal development best seller for over half a century.

If you are an enthusiast of the earlier pioneers of personal development like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Norman Vincent Peale. I highly recommend you get a copy of Napoleon Hill’s First Editions as Hill said the money you invest in these books may make a turning point in your life. Such an inexpensive investment so you can live a happier, healthier and more prosperous life.

Your friend on the journey,