My Twelve Days of Christmas Wishes for You day one

If you are motivated by inspiring words from other people like I am then you are going to enjoy this series. Note: this series of 12 has nothing to do with the traditional Christmas song the twelve days of Christmas. Remember the song.

This series is all about continuing my dream of helping people like you experience greater health, happiness and prosperity. You may know I created a FREE personalized daily inspirational email program which took me a long time to create but has attracted a lot of users. It is designed to make sure you have at least one positive inspiring email per day. Check it out here.

To add to this program I decided that as part of this special time of year I am going to post on this website My Twelve Days of Christmas Wishes for You and today is the start day. If you wish perhaps, you can copy this idea on your own blog or website and share for twelve days your wishes for your readers.

Okay, so here goes for day one.

Today, I wish you peace in all you do