My Favorite Health and Wellness Tips

health and wellness tips

You and I over the years have read or heard a lot of health and wellness tips from the bizarre to the impossible (fill in the blank as you wish) on the internet, on TV or at seminars but truthfully after all these years we all know that the Health and Wellness Tips we really want to hear are ones that can help you and me right away in our lives.

Recently, a recent a reader sent me an email asking me for my favorite health and wellness tips that I felt people could use right away and I created this article as a response.

Note: I am not a Doctor I am simply a big fan of healthy living habits so before you make any life style changes seek advice from your health care professional.

These tips are techniques I learned and practiced until they became part of my life. I also have shared them at seminars over the last eleven years. I hope you will find something here for you too.


Number One

How I learned to Eat Healthier

I found small bit by bit changes in eating habits are usually better than trying a total transformation over night. I came from a youthful diet of mostly meat and potatoes and I avoided vegetables until I found out they actually tasted good. I recommend you start by adding more and more vegetables to your meals and more fruits to your snack times. Nothing startling here but you will still be surprised at the amount of people who don’t eat that many fruits and vegetables. Personally, I found I felt so much better health wise when I started eating more fruit and vegetables.

Note: When I started changing my own habits over time to other help people created healthy eating habits I wrote an easy to follow work book with a unique healthy eating habit forming system called ‘The Plate’. Check out the testimonials on my site and look for the comments on ‘The Plate’ then when you have time read more about the eWorkbook Simplify Healthy Eating Habits. The ideas in this workbook are quick and easy to apply.


Number Two

How I learned to Relax a Little More

It has taken me many years to make the habit of taking the time to relax. Now each day I start off with a minimum of five to ten minutes (or more) in total silence and I focus on breathing consciously. It gives me a wonderful refreshing start to the day even after I have had a short night’s sleep.

As you work on learning to relax do what feels most comfortable for you. Perhaps, sit quietly with your eyes closed and breathe in and out slowly. If you do go for a walk in Nature I recommend to calm your mind you go without music and leave your smart phone turned off.

Note: This article on conscious breathing will help you.



How I Learned to End an Unhealthy Habit

It is not always easy to end an unhealthy habit. One key I found out is that if I look at the long term impact of an unhealthy habit by seeing what it could do to me if I continue it for a long time I am more motivated to change it. You may have heard many people say ‘this can’t harm me’ and they are right at first it often does not hurt you but overtime…well, you know.

I also found that if I want to replace a habit I need to replace it with a new more desirable habit. So if you want to give up some action like smoking and smoking gives you a lot of pleasure you need to find some action you will enjoy more than smoking. If smoking helps you reduce your stress maybe learning conscious breathing or a few simple yoga moves can help your remove the same stress.

Of course, one of the most powerful ways to end an unhealthy habit is to create a target goal and write it down. Make it a step by step process since step by step is how we learn to walk, talk and do just about everything else we do.

I have found that if I use the SMART goal setting technique I am able to follow a plan with confidence to the point of success. It is how I created my daily morning habit of taking some quiet time to reduce the impact of any daily stress. You may also find writing down your goals on my free goal setting cards can help you. Look in the Free Resources section of this website for the Goal Reminder Cards.

As a reminder my article on the SMART goal setting technique is here.



How I Release Stress

No matter how stressed I feel I find that if I get outside in the day or night air I always feel better. Don’t you feel better when you go outside for a walk? Okay, maybe it is just me but if you don’t get outside each day for a least twenty minutes of walking you need to do this. Go on.

Of course, if it is pouring rain you may be better to find some quiet space inside but when ever possible release the tension in your body by going for a walk. Personally, if it is raining I simply grab a raincoat and breathe the crisp fresh air.

Yes, this is a simple tip but look at your day today how much time do you take each day to go outside and I am not talking about the time you walk to the car from the house. If you are walking briskly for twenty minutes or more a day bravo to you!



How I Stretch My Mind

Each day I work on stretching my mind by doing what I am doing now – writing. Truth is I am a terrible writer. It takes me a long time to write an article like this. My teachers in school said ‘David, your writing is terrible!’ but I still write to stretch the cells in my brain to work better grammatically! Yes, I prefer to talk and share in person that must be the Irish in me but since I don’t always have the opportunity to talk in person to people like you I have to punish you with my poor grammar. I hope you can bear with me.

I have also learned a great way to stretch my mind is to keep on learning about anything that is of interest to me. You have passions too. Take the time each day to read or study in some way and learn more about what you love to learn about.

Another thought is that if you have the opportunity to learn a second language like I did embrace the experience for your mental health. I understand learning a second language is another great way to increase cognitive strength and reduce mental decline as we age. I have found many tools to be helpful to learn a second language including books like Berlitz French.

Another thought, games are also a great way to nourish the mind. You could check out this article on the game Rush Hour.



How I keep fit with the Fantastic Four

Perhaps you think I am referring to my training with the members of the Marvel Based Movie The Fantastic Four – this training has never happened – what I am referring to is I believe that I have keep my health (at least to this day!) by listening to the advice of real Doctors and Scientists who told me in person and in periodicals to ONE eat more fruits and vegetables, TWO eat more foods with Omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, flaxseed), THREE eat more fibrous foods including crunchy green salads not just oatmeal and FOUR eat more beans and lentils.



How I Reduce Eye Strain

I do spend quite a bit of time at the computer documenting ideas and the good news (for me) is that when I went and got my eyes tested recently it turns out the prescription for my glasses has not changed since it was set ten years ago. I think part of my good eye health is because I learned some eye strain reduction exercises which include taking my eyes off the computer screen from time to time and focusing my eyes on distant objects. I also roll my eyes around in the sockets to relax them. This last action often gets me curious questions when I am spotted doing it in public.

If you would like to read more about how to reduce eye strain you can check out this article on how to reduce eye strain.



How I Reduced My Weight

Okay, it is true I have never been long term overweight but the truth is I have on occasion gained weight around my center and had to eliminate it.

When I have added weight it is typically after I have gone on a long hiking vacation. When I hike I burn a lot of energy because of my tendency to carry a heavy back and therefore on the hike I eat a lot. Then when I get back from the hike to everyday living (no hikes) I sometimes continue to eat at the same rate I did while hiking and boom! I gain weight around my middle.

To eliminate this result I use the basic concept that the quantity of food I eat needs to be burned off or it is going to be stored in my body. So after the return from hikes I make a conscious effort to reduce my consumption of food and that works for me! After a relatively short period of time I can see my abs again.

Note: I also reduce my consumption of unneeded fuel by training myself to stop eating when I feel about 80 percent full at a meal. I also make sure I eat a strong source of protein at each meal. In fact, I do practice daily the concept of ‘The Plate’ I have talked about lots at seminars and in my eWorkbook on healthy eating. I also believe the quality of food we eat in my home is important to having a healthy weight. We choose to eat as much organic food as we can and we do it on the cheap as I have written about in how to buy organic food inexpensively.



How I Learned How to Exercise Effectively

I found out (most likely you have too) that exercise does not have to be a long workout to be effective. Physical movement can have it benefits from accumulation over time through out the day. So short bike rides, brisk walks, a quick swim, martial arts, chasing my children, whatever you and I do that we enjoy can all add up to be the correct amount of exercise we need.

I have also learned that if movement causes pain I need to do it correctly the next time since no pain – no gain is a mistaken idea. Temporary, mild muscle soreness after trying a new activity is normal but pain means I need to adjust some part of the action. I am also a big believer in the value of warming up and cooling down and taking the time for after activity stretching.

That’s just my story on exercise there are many different ways up the mountain.



How I learned to Keep Away Back Pain

I have had bad back moments like most people perhaps some of the how to avoid back pain actions I perform can be of help to you (but make sure you see your Doctor for professional advice!)

I continue to remind myself to have good posture when I sit and read or write. This means I remind myself to sit tall with my neck straight.

I take the time motivated on occasion by setting the alarm on my watch to get up and move around since when I sit for a long time my back can start to hurt.

I find that doing a few of the Yoga Sun Salutations Movements is a great way each day to regenerate back strength. Please note I am not a frequent yoga practitioner but this move really feels good and it is simple enough for me to learn. Remember to check with your medical advisor before doing any new movements.

I find that lifting anything whether it is my children or boxes must be done correctly or I am going to remember it painfully afterwards. I learned good lifting habits years ago and they have helped me keep my back healthy and strong. I have friends with serious back problems. I wish you the best of health.



How I can Type without Pain for Hours

Well, I do get up and move around but sometimes I really get into writing an article and hours pass without me feeling any pain from sitting in the same position and I believe this is because I have learned the following actions:

* When I sit I do my best to keep my feet flat on the floor

* I avoid having the seat pushing into the back of my legs since this can cut off blood circulation and make my legs numb.

* When I type I keep my hands parallel to floor and beside my sides as much as possible.

* I also use a wrist rest went I type whether it is store bought wrist rest or a rolled up small towel.

* I also prefer to read from a monitor that is in front of my eyes like this kind rather than looking down to read my net book.

This is what helps me. I hope it helps you.



How I Ignite my Energy

Yes, I do like the taste and smell of Coffee and Tea but I personally find that drinking lots of water throughout the day keeps my energy up and even helps ignite my engine better first thing in the morning. If you need some motivation as to why water is important please read this article on ten reasons to drink water.

If you want read a popular review (it has over a thousands readers so far) of what are good quality water bottles please read this article on Stainless Steel Water Bottles and if you want a bottle for your children read this Childrens Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review.



How I Ignite my Energy Even More

I enjoy fruits and vegetables and when possible I enjoy a fresh glass of fruit or vegetable juice. When I am in Vancouver, Canada I am known to frequent organic juice bars. I also like to make juice at home.

If you don’t always have the access to a plate of vegetables or fresh fruit freshly made juice is a great alternative. You may even want to make juice at home as a quick refreshing compliment to a meal.



How I have Balanced my Life as Best I can

Just like most people my life is a constantly changing balance of responsibilities that in my case include running two businesses, supporting my children, playing with my children, spending time with friends, household work, keeping healthy, meal related tasks, food shopping…many more not forgetting spending great times with my lady. Just like you getting all in balance in not always so easy.

To help myself over the years I have identified my values to help me prioritize my actions. I support my values in my daily actions reminding myself in my goals to make sure I do what is important everyday. I set priorities and commit specific times to specific actions. I always resist over committing.

I also organize my work this helps me to stay focused and complete my goals. I also like using check lists.

I avoid interruptions by telling people I am involved on a certain activity before I start the activity. This may mean I mention to my children I am working on a project or telling a client I am unavailable since I have another commitment to my family. This makes any activity easier to achieve and less stressful in the process.

If I can be of help to you please let me know.

Enjoy a wonderful day,