Morning Essentials Five Ideas to Start your Day Better

the wonder technique

These five ideas can help you start the day with a clear rather than foggy mind

To reduce feelings of stress and increase your health and happiness it is important to have some active steps you take each day to start yourself off on the right path.

Here are five ideas you can embrace, if you wish.

Number one
People before Robots
Before you check your email, social media or the news make sure you say ‘hello’ in person to the people who live with you. This is a great way to show your gratitude for their existence. If you don’t have people but you have animals say ‘hello’ to them first as well.

Number Two
Empty your Mind
It is an excellent idea to take some time to meditate in the morning. However, I recommend before you meditate you may wish to incorporate the idea of taking a pen and paper and writing down ten things you are grateful for in your life. They can be anything as simple as the fact that you have fresh air to breath. The goal is to focus your mind on gratitude as you start the day and it is a nice lead into some meditative time.

Number Three
Focus your Mind
I highly recommend you take the time to meditate in the morning before you encounter anyone. When I say meditation it is to me a practice of focusing the mind and harmonizing the flow of your thoughts so that your thoughts do not have control of you.
There are many ways to do this and I will share my learning experience soon. Use what works for you to calm your mind. Focusing on your breath is a great start.

Number Four
Prime the Mind
If you have time in the morning it is wonderful to read a few pages or even a paragraph from an inspiring book that helps again to focus your mind on the beautiful parts of life. We live in a world of negative media so make sure you inject positive media into your mind at the beginning of the day.

Number Five
Make your bed
If you have not done it already make sure you have made your bed. This is a practice that helps you de-clutter your day from the start plus it is so good to return to a nicely made bed at the end of the day. We all appreciate it. If you doubt the appreciation imagine you return to your hotel room to see your bed not made it does not look so inviting does it.

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