Free Mini Motivational Cards

Motivational Cards

Now Available at No Charge

As a special tribute to my Dad who just passed away I am offering you the chance to obtain the digital file of these wonderful Mini Motivational Cards now at No Charge.

You simply request the digital file by email. You print them, cut them out and enjoy the benefits of the 32 different inspirational and motivational messages.

There are 32 cards in total in two digital files:

“I wish you ….” – the perfect card to give to other people:

16 ‘I wish’ motivational cards all with a different message – they all make wonderful little gifts to include with a present or note or put simply as a surprise into a loved ones lunch box (children are always delighted to get a little surprise, in fact, adults are too!) Phrases like ‘I wish you peacefulness in all you do’, ‘I wish you courage in all you do’… These thoughts will help send a wonderful motivational message to everyone you give them to.


“I am…” – the perfect card to put in your wallet or purse or anywhere you think you will see it to inspire yourself to feel more confident in all you do.

16 ‘I am’ motivational cards all with different messages – all ideal to keep in your wallet or purse or simply place on a mirror or fridge to give yourself and everyone who sees it the little psychological boost we all need to enjoy a happier, healthier and more prosperous life. Phrases like ‘I am healthy and strong’, ‘I am confident in all I do’… These messages will help you nourish your mind to help bring you more success and wellness into your life.

Once you are using your cards tell other people about this offer! They will be delighted you did.

All you have to do is tell your friends to stop by this page and sign up for their own digital file. When they sign up this will make it possible for them to know about more special gifts in the future.

You can simply send them this link

Please note this special offer is only available to individuals for personal use and not to be re packaged or sold for commercial or self promotional purposes. I trust your honesty.

NOTE: To open the PDF file that these cards are in you will need Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can get it here for Free.

So enough of my writing, if you want these cards simply Complete the Form below this posting to request the Free Resources package with the mini motivational cards template included

Note: If you do not get them within 24 hours please check you junk mail folder and look for an email from ‘David Hennessey’.

Enjoy a wonderful day,


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