mind power for children


Mind Power for Children by John Kehoe and Nancy Fischer is an excellent book for parents (and teachers too!) . As a Dad I was delighted to find this book as it is in align with many of the ideas I believe in and the authors have done an excellent job in making the ideas of nourishing our children’s lives with practical techniques.

When you invest in this inexpensive book it can change your children’s lives for the better and help make being a parent a more positive and fulfilling experience:

Ideas you will learn include:

* How to be a more conscious parent

* How to eliminate negatives

* How to  help your children make friends

* How to help your children keep their bodies healthy

* How to approach your children with the ideas of using affirmation and visualization in a manner children will embrace

Each chapter is finished with a short selection of tips to help apply what you have just read.

Mind Power for Children is easy to read and apply. Buying this book was some of the best money I ever spent. Thank you John Kehoe and Nancy Fischer. Learn more about Mind Power for Children by following this link

For what it is worth I found out about Mind Power for Children when I read John Kehoe’s internationally best selling book Mind Power into the 21st Century which was written for adults and I also recommend checking out.

I have my own personal copy of Mind Power for Children that my lady and I have reviewed many times to help guide us with our children. I suggest you follow this link and read more peoples feedback and learn about Mind Power for Children and, if you are interested  Mind Power into the 21st Century


Please note: There is another wonderful book for children called The Seven Habits for Happy Kids. I wrote a few words about it here.


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