Millionaire Moments

One of the most defining moments in my personal development took place when I became a Dad.

I really enjoy all the experiences that come as part of being a father. I have grown and been made grow as a person as my children bring to me new parenting experiences [if you are a parent you can fill in this blank with your own words].

Just this last week I was out playing football with one of my children and right in the middle of the fun I had a thought. This is a ‘Millionaire Moment’ – my heart and spirit was telling my mind this was a valuable and in a sense priceless experience.

We all have what I will call ‘Millionaire Moments’ – moments that even a million dollars could not create or replace.

Take some time today and look at your life, what are your “Millionaire Moments’?

Once you know what they are seek them out more frequently in your daily actions.

Enjoy a wonderful day,