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Information for Meeting and Event Planners


My  desire to meet and exceed your meeting and event planning needs is without question. This page is intended to make working with myself as easy as possible.

I am always amazed at how meeting planners put a whole event together and I always strive to be the best possible working partner when I am choosen to speak at an event. ure, I can say this but I honestly prefer to prove it. I will also be happy to send you letters from meeting planners who have worked with me. Just send me an email request for letters of reference.


My Experience

I have worked with many different types of organizations and I will be happy to share with you and your organization a phone call without obligation so you can get a sense of what it is like to work with me and what I offer to you.


Special Content

My preference is always to know your audience better so whenever it is possible I want to learn more about yourself and your team so I can create the most relevant and educational and inspiring event possible.


Professional Fees

My fees vary with the location, time and length of the event.


Special Bonus

I typically offer a daily price so you can have me present more than one time during the day which can save you money if you were planning to hire multiple speakers. This can also be cost saving if you have a large team and need two presentations instead of one so as not to disrupt the daily operation of your organization. Let us get in contact and work this all out.


Room Arrangements and Audio-Visual Needs

I create my own support visuals to match the event on my PC. All you need to supply is a digital projector, the projector screen and cables to connect to a traditional PC. Once you have hired me for the event I will do my best to make room arrangements as simple as possible.


Travel and Lodging

I personally prefer to make my own travel and lodging arrangements and I will itemize the cost on our invoice. If you prefer to make these arrangements yourself please let me know we can always work things out to your liking.


Event Gifts

I have created a number of educational tools that are often requested to be part of an event. If it is at all possible I will include some event gifts as part of the agree on fee.

** I do hope that you will also allow me to bring relevant resources to the event and have them on display at the back of the room. It is not my intention to be selling my items from the stage. The goal is simply to offer additional learning tools for interested event participants. Any questions please ask me.


Presentation Titles

All titles of presentations listed here can be changed to suit the theme of your event plus content is willingly customized to match your audience.

Please follow this link to review my Presentation topics


Photos and Images

To obtain a picture of myself or ‘The W.O.N.D.E.R Technique’ ® Logo for use with your publication and/or other media events please simply send me an email with your request. All images are in JPEG format.

Presenter Information, Room Set Up and A/V Requirements

To obtain what you need please simply cut and paste from the list of documents below and send your request in an email and the documents will be forwarded to you as quick as possible.

Available documents are as follows: (if you need something else please let us know)

Hiring Agreement (includes details of room set up and A/V requests)

Short Survey to enhance program success

Short Introduction for David

Short write up for choosen presentation

Hotel and Travel Information form

Previous Clients list, Attendee Comments, Sample Event Products Ideas

Click for Feedback from people who have attended my seminars

Click for organizations and businesses who I am happy to have been hired by

Click here for Samples of Products and Resources

Please contact me with your needs for a customized fee quote and any other questions.

Thank you for your interest in my work,



David Hennessey, B.A. (Psych.), W.C.,

Personal and Business Development Seminar Leader and Coach

Developer of The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ®