Make it through or Make a Difference

When the day begins do you decide how you are going to ‘Make it through the day’ or if you are going to ‘Make a Difference this day. ‘

What questions do you ask yourself as you start the day that will improve your personal and business fulfillment? What questions do you ask yourself that will improve the world for those around you?

Do you have a plan for the day or do you let the day plan you?

I know personally if I don’t make some sort of plan each work day my day evaporates rapidly.

So I recommend learn from my ‘lost’ days and look around you and see what difference you can make that will positively impact this world. Maybe it is not a global changing action you will take. Maybe you will just be planting the seeds for something great you are planning. The main thing is that you are moving forward in a positive direction.

On a personal note remember all the big changes that take place can be small changes too. I believe that today when I took the time to play with one of my children who was home from school sick I was making a difference.

Tomorrow, when you leap out of bed – go ahead plan to make a big difference!

If I can help let me know.

Your friend on the journey,