Love Everyone

Love Everyone

Now that is a big request. This means I need to open my mind and my heart to not fearing the differences in other people since fear is the absence of love. (This is me speaking to me) 

What do we fear? Typically, the unknown in others.

A stranger may be feared but once we know the person they are loved as a friend and no longer feared.

Think of your friends, some you may have met at work, at school and you felt uneasy when you saw them around but now they are friends who you love not fear.

Love Everyone – what could happen?

If we all decided today to love everyone and not fear some people what an amazing world we would live in. When we love people we want to help them achieve their dreams without our personal gain. Wow! If everyone wanted to help each other with genuine passion, life will be just amazing.

When we fear people we hold back, we hold back ourselves, yet to flourish in life we need to give of ourselves so fear is no help to our growth.

Join me today on the crusade to step by step love everyone at least in our hearts, one person at a time, sharing our best selves, till we reach 7 billion plus!

Enjoy a wonderful day,