Life on the Wire, Philippe Petit and Stress Management

High levels of stress management needed

A few months ago I wrote an article about three people who manage remarkably high levels of stress with ease.

One of these people is the great High Wire walker Philippe Petit who more than 30 years ago rigged a tight rope between the top of the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center and spent almost an hour on the wire while people watched below. His life is the subject of the Oscar winning documentary film Man on Wire.

The reason for this posting is because I was shown today a five minute BBC video interview that was just made with Philippe Petit which shows some of his high wire exploits and details about his new training program.

Check it out – here is the link to the Philippe Petit video. (Note: When you start the video there is a 30 second ad before the BBC interview)

Take five minutes, watch the inspiring video and then come back and check out the article Stress Well Managed and the 3 Men who do incredible feats.

I also recommend you rent or buy the film. I have seen it – it is incredible – the still photographs, the video footage, the story. Follow this link for more reviews on Amazon Man on Wire