Life is good when you see it as good


Life is good when you see it as good.

Sometimes it is called the mirror effect, our lives reflect what we wish to see around us.

Have you ever been around someone who has the desire to see every experience as good.

“Hey, another traffic jam, this means I can listen to my music and see if I can get others to tap on their steering wheels”.

We all know life is short since we do not know when it will end. We might as well focus on the good because, well, focusing on the not so good makes  you feel down and sad.

Here is an idea: Before you go asleep review your day to see the good you experienced and then once you have mastered this evening time habit expand your ‘good stuff’ focusing superpower to every moment of the day step by step.

Enjoy yourself


P.S. People seeing the good in life will make you happy and you will attract happy people, that is a great bonus!