Kyle Reese Nike Vandal Shoes in Terminator Movie Could Make you Fit

nike terminator shoes

Can Kyle Reese’s Nike Shoes in Terminator Movie help make you fit?

One of my best teachers told me that if you can make it fun fitness comes easy.

In the new Terminator Genisys movie there is a scene when Kyle Reese is hiding in a changing room and then you see his feet drop down as he puts on a pair of custom Nike Vandal Basketball Shoes

The Terminator  movie is sure to make these shoes hot if and when the custom version enters into the market place.

These basketball shoes are a retro version of the basketball shoes from the 1980’s.

Nike terminator runners

The wearing of these Nike Vandal shoes is unlikely to make anyone turn in Kyle Reese from the Terminator movie but it could just inspire some people to get out and have some fun and get fit.

Sound amazing? I have meet people inspired to to take up swimming when they got a gift of the googles similar to those worn by Michael Phelps in the Olympics.

If you are interested check out on Amazon if the Terminator version of these shoes are now available

I believe the style code is 806970-010

Whatever you do, go get outside and move and have fun and call it exercise!

Be well,