Keep Happy Learn to Focus Better and Remember 500 Percent More

Did you ever feel unhappy because you did not complete an action you really wanted to get done? Do you believe it is because sometimes you just can’t keep your focus? If this sounds like you read on.

When your life involves you doing focused mental activity like studying new materials for a presentation, reviewing contracts for clarity and correctness, checking out details about products or learning new information you can use the following idea to help keep your mind focused.

You are most focused when:

Research on effective mental focus indicates that individuals are at their best in study periods up to a maximum of fifty minutes to an hour. Then their ability to focus goes down.

Make Notes

The research suggests the best idea is to study for fifty minutes while making notes on the information you are reviewing. Then take a five to ten minute low stress break – do not review any more information even on a different topic – perhaps simply go for a walk or water break. Then on your return review your notes and return to studying. By following this approach it is believed you can increase your retention of new information by up to 500% compared to individuals who do not take any mental rest periods.

Don’t believe what I heard. Instead, test what is being stated to see if this works.

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