Jim Rohn on the Basics of Healthy Relationships

Last year, I started to listen to more of Jim Rohn’s recordings because of Success Magazine CDs I got from my Dad.

Today I just read what Jim has to say about relationships. I will summarize it below and then I recommend you check out Jim’s work for yourself, it is excellent.

Basics of Healthy Relationships



Jim is not talking about the feeling of love but about the commitment to love others in a way that they are treated ‘right and honorably’.



Serving Heart

As Zig Ziglar says “you can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want out of life.” Jim reminds us that when we start out with our focus on serving others we build healthy relationships.



Honest Communication

Jim reminds us that open and honest communication is extremely important because it makes it possible for us to connect with other people in a very deep way.

In a healthy relationship we must be committed to telling the other person what we are thinking and feeling and to listening to the other person as they tell us what they are thinking and feeling.




Jim says Friendliness is all about smiling at people, having kind words to share and avoiding criticism.




Jim reminds us that Patience is something we need to practice and receive as part of a relationship. All relationships come with challenges and we need to be patient. Relationships between two people with patience become stronger overtime.




Jim says Loyalty is a commitment to another person. It is a powerful and secure feeling when you know that someone is loyal to you even when life is tough.



A Common Purpose

Jim says that when you have a common purpose whether it is from an activity you both enjoy or a believe system you both embrace you create a strong common bond of purpose that holds you together. When you find people with a common purpose you have the seeds of a long term relationships




Finally Jim says Fun must be part of all relationships to remove stress and create enjoyment. Remember to seek out fun moments to enjoy together.


I recommend you take the time to dive into information Jim has to share on health, happiness and prosperity. It is excellent. Here is an example of Jim’s work

Your friend on the journey,