It is impossible for me to motivate you

No motivational speaker or author can motivate you.

Your motivation to do what you want to do in your life comes from inside of you. If it comes from outside of you, eventually you will resent the external push you are receiving and want to find your own true inner motivation.

The day you find your own inner motivation, the force that makes you ‘leap out of bed’ since you are excited to live a new day, is the day you become the real you.

How to get your inner motivation working

If you feel stuck in any area of your life the best way to move forward is to break down your big goal into small chucks and work on these mini goals. Too many people lose motivation since they give themselves giant goals that scare them from taking action.

Go ahead make a big goal and then break it down into pieces and each time you achieve a step you will motivate yourself to achieve more.

To help you along the way

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