Is your Destiny written in Stone or in Pencil?

I read in the January 2012 edition of National Geographic an article about studies on Twins. The focus once again was the question as to whether Twin studies can tell us more about whether it is Nature (Genetics) or Nuture (Environment) that makes us who we are.

Ever since I was in University studying Psychology I found the Nature v’s Nuture argument fascinating but I was not convinced either was correct. I believed then as I do now there is another important ingredient, something that gives us all as humans the power to take action that can change our destiny and there is.

It is called Epigenetics.

In 2005 I met Bruce Lipton one of the pioneers of Epigenetics when he was presenting a seminar on genetics. Bruce put forth in his best selling book The Biology of Belief that how we think about situations in our lives can impact how our genetic code is switched on and off.

For example, our genetic code says we are to have a certain disease but this information has to be read from the genetic code before it can be activated in our system. It cannot, according to Lipton, just turn itself on. We need according to Lipton to experience certain environmental factors and respond to them in a certain way for the ‘switch’ to be turned on and the disease activated.

The good news is that if we can turn it ‘on’ we could also possibly turn it off.

The Stone versus The Pencil

If you believe what is been found in Epigentic studies you will start to see what is written in our genetic code is not written in stone but in pencil and we have more control over our physical and mental outcome than we ever imagined.

Epigenetics helps us better understand that our genetic code is not our destiny. This is why a twin who has the same genetic code as their sibling does not get a disease like Alzheimer’s disease which is believed to be genetically based. In fact, one story in the article I read in National Geographic talks about Diana who has no signs of Alzheimer’s when her twin sister Deborah has become completely disabled because of the disease.

Today, thanks to the studies in Epigenetics and pioneers like Bruce Lipton, we can see again we have the power to make simple actions that could change our lives forever.

If you are interested I recommend you get yourself a copy of The Biology of Belief. My copy is too worn out to share ; )

Enjoy a wonderful day,