Is Free Play a Waste of Time for Adults?

Free Play

Have you ever heard someone say ‘Play is a Waste of time!’ On the contrary, perhaps you have heard someone say ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

Can play be a real stress reducer? Are you a believer in play in the sense of unplanned free time where you as an adult just like a child do whatever ‘pops’ into your mind? Have you recently taken the time to simply be deeply involved in creative play? I believe free play is a great part of stress management at any time of year as it can be a fantastic way to relieve your body of stress and even get your creative juices going again if you feel mentally fatigued.

I know as a Dad I have an advantage since I have many opportunities to play with my children but what if you don’t have children around you how can you inspire free flowing play in your life without going to the beach and building sand castles on your own and get undesired stares from people.

You can consider the follow playful action steps:


Grab a stack of blank paper and crayons and start to draw and color to your hearts content to unlock any creative blocks you have or simply to have fun. If you are concerned about wasting paper you can do what a friend of mine does. Take the heavily colored pages and fold them in half to make cards to give to friends.


If you don’t have children around you but the opportunity arrives embrace the moment, get down on the floor, watch the children play and then join in.


If it is warm enough where you live and you are close by a sandy beach forget about what other people are going to say. Sit down in the sand and start to play. You may just start a trend of your own.


If it is cold where you live and there is snow you have another wonderful opportunity to free play courtesy of Mother Nature.


Follow the creative joy of playing with wooden or plastic building blocks on your own. Truly, I have a cousin whose profession is an architect, she has no children but when she feels stressed she takes out a big box of plastic building blocks from her office storage room and she starts to build. As a result stress disappears and she sometimes comes up with inspiration for a building design. If you don’t have building blocks in your home you can follow this link to read about new Green Building Blocks made of recycled plastic or better yet find some plastic building blocks no one plays with any more. If you prefer wood and would like to buy wooden blocks created from renewable forestry check out this Kapla Wooden Blocks Set.


If you have an ideas to share please let us all know.

Enjoy a wonderful day,