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PRODUCT REVIEW of Iron Man’s Water Bottle / Tony Stark’s KOR Hydration Vessel

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Tony Stark's water bottle

Before you consider to  Buy Iron Mans Water Bottle on Amazon you may want to read my short review below.

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My preference is to use a stainless steel water bottle but since so many people on the internet are writing about Iron Man’s unique water bottle I decided to do some research and post it here. So here is my review:


First of all as you can see from the image above from the movie Iron Man 2 Iron Man’s Water Bottle (Amazon link) is not made of stainless steel which is my preference in a water bottle and steel could be a good choice for Iron Man’s water bottle. The water bottle in fact does feature stainless steel components in the hinge and cap assembly but the body is made of a transparent BPA Free plastic called Tritan.


Currently the water bottle is available in only One Size – 750 ml or approx. 25 ounces


There are different color options. Iron Man’s / Tony Stark’s water bottle is Ice Blue (Reviewed on Amazon).


Iron Man’s water bottle is Non Insulated so no hot liquids please!


According to the water bottle maker KOR there is no BPA or Phylates used in the Construction


The KOR water bottle neck opening is medium in size so it is  big enough to wash and put ice cubes inside!


Iron Man’s Water bottle is actually called a KOR One Hydration Vessel (reviewed on Amazon)


Each bottle comes with KOR stones. KOR Stones are disc-shaped inserts that fit inside the cap of the KOR ONE so you can personalize your Iron Man Water Bottle. Stones are printed on a unique recyclable, biodegradable synthetic paper called Transilwrap.


If you would like more details on the material the bottle is made from you can find more details on the material by following this link to the Tritan info on Eastman’s site.


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That’s it the review is done.

BREAKING NEWS – could this be the new version of Iron Man’s Water bottle? (see on Amazon).

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Cheers to your health, I trust you carry a hydration vessel with you each day.

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