Iron Mans Water Bottle and KOR Stones

Iron Mans Water bottle

In a recent posting I wrote about Iron Mans Water Bottle as there is alot of interest in this stylish bottle since it was highlighted in Tony Stark’s workshop in the Movie Iron Man 2. (Amazon review) If when you read this note your goal is to Buy Iron Man’s Water bottle, that is good, I am all for carrying water with you. Here is a link to Buy Iron Mans Water Bottle It is an Amazon link and Amazon is, as I checked today, currently offering discount prices.

Note: For my time if you buy via a link on this posting I receive a small fee from Amazon but you do NOT pay anymore that if you went directly to Amazon to buy a water bottle.

If you find this water bottle is not for you in terms of features or price then check out my water bottle review of over ten more choices located here

This goal of this posting is however to bring to your attention to something I think I did not mention enough about in my original posting about Iron Man’s Water Bottle. That is that at the top of each KOR ONE Hydration Vessel (Iron Man’s Water Bottle reviewed on Amazon) is a special stone to write an inspirational note to yourself so that everytime you drink from the water bottle you see a positive affirmation.

KOR ( the maker of Iron Man’s water bottle) calls these KOR stones and you can write your on inspiration message on a KOR stone included or use one of the five stones with preprinted inspirational messages like Better Me Better World, Now is the Time, Laugh often and Find Balance.

As you may have read I created ‘a print as many as you want motivational card’ set to encourage people to use the power of affirmations as much as possible. Details on the Mini Motivational cards are here. So you can believe I am in favour of using inspirational messages.

Worth nothing from an environmental perspective the KOR stones are tree free, water proof and fully recyclable according to the bottle maker KOR.

Overall, the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel on Amazon does a nice job of blending the idea of promoting inspiration and hydration. I look forward to see other water bottle makers using the same idea.

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