International Womens Day Celebrate The Women Who Inspire Us

“To Celebrate the joy and happiness that all the women in the world bring us I invited readers to share with everyone about the special woman or women in their lives. Below are the responses from readers in India, Canada, France and Miramar. Enjoy, the love in everyone’s words” David


“The person in my life who has always been a rock of support and love for me is my best friend Chanel. She understands every tone in my voice, when I am sad she feels it and always lends comfort, we talk things through until I have a clearing.  She is my hero.”

Jess from Canada


“Jocelyne for carrying me as a seed

Claudine for her seed of presence always when needed

Marie for the seed of opening my wings

Ladybirds for the dancing life seed

Francoise, Maria for their educational seeds

Sandra, Britta, Chrystal, Nathalie for being seeds

And most of all, Victoria for being a beautiful caring garden for those seeds to transform

Where I can sit and get inspire being with you.

Thank you”

Christelle from France


“Haiku of a blessed man:

One my heart and soul

The other my pride and joy

My two filles, you rock!”

Krid from Canada


“Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts about most wonderful women in my life. Its said that secret of most great men reaching great heights in their lives is a women behind them.

I take inspiration  from my mom, my 2 sisters and my aunt for they are symbols of love, peace, intelligence and constant caring.

My mom died in 2000 when i was only 18.

She was like fm radio who would say all beautiful things all the day to me. she would delegate all work to me. She would teach me how to be disciplined and show respect to elders.

If there is no women in mans life he feels lonely, sad, lacks interest in life. He may also get into bad company and start taking alcohol and narcotics.

So women is a great force

Thank you”

Vishnuvardhan from India


“One makes delicious pasta dish, made of tranquility and family’s stories.

The other greets you with a fantastic lasagna dish, filled of giggles and games.

And the smell of mummy’s pizza will make you stay for more, as from all of them, there is always an extra plate for the unknown guest.

I feel welcome with special treat, the sharing warmth of their heart.”

Kal from Canada


“Women are beautiful creatures of the earth. Each one holds a personal style and grace of there own. Since the beginning of this life of mine  women have entered my life offering gifts in many forms. Sometimes pleasant to digest and sometimes bitter. However, the end taste is most undoubtedly  sweet as I am left to connect the dots towards understanding the lessons and messages each one bring me. The joys of being a woman are many and the hardships and dualities are just as many if not more!! Each lady has taught me something. My students on there mats with growing practices, my mother and her hard work ethic, my nieces and my two lovely and different sisters Laura and Julia for understanding(or at least listening and knowing me and loving me unconditionally). My Aunty Sharon and Aunt Pat for there goodness and wisdom.

My most respected friend Sherelle Farrington who has  grace and charm in humble tones which I admire so fondly. All these beautiful colours and spices wrapped up to the beautiful voice of my favorite black babe Nina Simone!!

I love these wonderful creatures of the earth and wish to shine the light back on them which thay have shon upon me at even my most darkest hours.

Thank you Thank you for your support!!


Michelle from France


“My mummy is very nice

She sings evening songs

Sometimes she cooks

Sometimes she plays with me

Sometimes I cuddle with her

I love a lot my mummy”

E.  from Canada


“I think Firstly my mother would be the first for my life,

After that our national hero and leader Daw Aung San Su Kyi will be the second

senior sister for my life.

My wife will be the third for my after bachelor life, isn’t it?”

Sunny from Miramar


Elizabeth for bringing me to this world and believing in me

Christelle for reminding me I can make a difference

Claudia, Sandra, Britta, Chrystal, Nathalie for showing me what friendship is all about

Sandra for making it fun to work together

Claudine for keeping in touch when I traveled

Susan and Nathalie for helping me get back on my feet

Patricia for believing in my knowledge and intuition

I am forever grateful to all of you,

David from France


“Susan Jeffers would be my choice and her brilliant book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway“”!

I was so full of fear when I arrived in Nice I was too afraid of walking out of the apartment.  I would open her book at any page and use the tools that I read relentlessly.  It is a book published in over 30 languages and has brought help and support to millions of people.

She is a delightful woman and full of joy and positivity, in spite of her own battle with breast cancer.

It is a privilege for me to be registered as a group facilitator to run workshops based on her book.

 Anne from France


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