Inspire Happiness: Take your child to work!

If you are a parent and you feel unhappy because your young children are at home when you are at work you could take your child to work.

For numerous reasons, more and more young children are spending their days at home or outside the home in the arms of alternative caregivers. Which can make both the children and parents feel unhappy.

According to the 1996 US Census bureau statistical abstracts, between 1940 and 1990, the percentage of homes where at least one parent is at home with the children has declined from 66.7 percent to 16.7 percent. This means the remaining 83.3 percent of children have no parents at home.

When both parents are at work, parents know where their children are but children often wonder ‘Where are Mum and Dad for eight to ten hours a day?’ ‘They go to work but what is that..’.

Some employers have set up what they call ‘A take your child to work’ day. This means exactly what it says.

One day a year, a child gets to see what Mum and Dad do while they are away from home.

Some may say that this can be a waste of payroll for the employer. However, when a child gets to go with Mum or Dad to work, see what they do and where, and return home, the sense of abandonment a child may experience daily is reduced and an extra bond is created not only between the child and the parent but also between the parent and the employer. Since the employer is valuing the life of the employee outside work.

If your employer does not offer this benefit suggest it. Or simply, have your child’s caregiver bring your little one to see you at work, if this is possible. Then the child can make the connection as to where you are each day.

Yes, I have brought my children to work to visit me.

Your friend on the journey,