In Celebration of Fatherhood

David Hennessey

Ten years ago this week I wrote the following article on Fatherhood and it was published in the North Shore News Community Newspaper in British Columbia,Canada.

Today, I decided to post it online as gift to all Dads in the world including myself : ) and in particular to the memory of my Dad who died recently.


Dad’s are great characters! Dads deserve a poem

Being a Dad is one of the greatest acts of stewardship any man can undertake. There is no job being it running a business small or large, there is no relationship between two adults be it short or long that can offer such a incredible combination of intense and wonderful experiences than Fatherhood (besides Motherhood!).

According to an article on Fatherhood in Psychology Today Magazine, many men have decided to cut short the time of their work day so they can participate directly in the pleasure of raising their children. As a result many men are finding out that being a Dad involves developing some great characteristics.

As a Dad I definitely believe that every simple action I take can make a Big Difference in my children’s lives.

I wrote the following poem in honor of Dad’s everywhere and the great characteristics they embrace,

Dad’s have

Dad’s have the motivation to get up early in the morning to greet a waking child.

Dad’s have the tenderness to hold a crying child till they fall asleep in each other’s embrace.

Dad’s have the courage to admit to their child they do not have all the answers.

Dad’s have the serenity to not run through nature but to take the time to watch their child’s exploration.

Dad’s have the wisdom to let their child learn from their child’s own experience.

Dad’s have the inner stability to let their child find their own path in this world without suggestion.

And Dad’s never forget the value of a loving embrace and the feeling of saying the words ‘I love you without exception.’

Written by David Hennessey, copyright 2002