Improve Your Time Management Today

If you wish to succeed in any task you first have to ask yourself a question Dr. Ken Blanchard posed in the original version of the One Minute Manager. “Are you interested or Committed to making the Change?”

Is yes is your answer and you wish to reduce stress and to your improve health, happiness and prosperity you most likely agree you need to ask yourself important questions before you start a task.

May I suggest you follow this four step question format to help focus your valuable energy – these questions can of course be re-framed to be not only used at work but for personal tasks outside of work.

The Four W’s of Time Management (Remember the four W’s are not Work, Work, Work, Work 🙂

Step ONE

Ask yourself WHAT exactly is it that you need to do.

Perhaps, you need to update your website, organize your past client files, perhaps you need to design a new product, improve your relationships, your health, what do you wish to do?

Now once you have written WHAT tasks need to be done move to the next question.

Step TWO

Ask yourself WHO is the right person for the task.

Okay, so you are not a web designer so you will hire someone for this (make a note to locate a web designer), you will also hire someone to organize your client files because your time needs to be used more effectively (make a note of what way you need the files organized), you are not a personal trainer or coach so you need to call the right person to assist you.

Now that you have focused your energy and you know WHO’s help you need you need to double check what you are doing before you start.


Ask yourself WHY do I need to do this task?

If all your market research indicates the market has changed and your products need to change too. you need to redefine/recreate/create a new product – this task is a good choice to use your time best.

If you realize that without relationships your health or relationship are only going downhill then this is what you need to focus on.

Only you can decide.

Now that you double checked you are definitely on track you need to ask yourself another question.


Ask yourself WHEN do I need to do this task?

You have the time, you have the funding, you have the need so then the time is now. If you are missing the funding or you decide the need is not really present in the current then you need to find another task to focus your time on. And as always in life there are always more tasks to complete.

I hope this idea I put together for you (I call it the four W’s of Time Management) helps you enjoy a more stress free and successful day.

Best Wishes,