Improve Your Mental Ability with This

Can you answer the questions?

Throughout human history people have been using many different techniques to improve their mental ability and enhance their personal development. In the Middle Ages during the times of Knights and Damsels one particular technique was used abundantly for personal development and personal tests. It was, of course, the use of Enigmas. As you know an Enigma is a type of riddle that requires us to use our ingenuity to find the solution.

Below are some Enigmas you can ponder to stretch your mind ability. A friend of mine showed me them in a new book she got on Enigmas called The Big Book of Riddles, Conundrums and Enigmas. The book itself (as you can see from the image above) looks like it was taken from a castle’s book shelf.

Here are the samples: To add to the fun and mind bending I will share the answers with everyone who requests them by email.

Number One

How many times can you subtract six from thirty six?


Clue: The answer is not as obvious as it appears or maybe it is.


Number Two

The following equation in roman numerals is not correct:

XI + I = X

What can you do without modifying the equation to make it correct.


Clue: You may need to change your perspective


If you would like some more enigmas for yourself or you would like to buy a book to stimulate or challenge the mind of a friend I suggest you check out the book I mentioned above. I think it makes for a great centerpiece of conversation and activity for a get together at any time of year and it is filled with It is filled with illuminated lettering and well designed illustrations that make it a very original book. Again, here is the link to book which is over 450 pages making it truly The Big Book of Riddles, Conundrums and Enigmas.

Good luck finding the solutions!


Remember to email me if you want the answers or you can email me with your solutions.