Important Smartphone Security Tips from a Famous Expert in National Security


Do you know anyone who had their smart phone stolen and it was not secure?

I do and let me tell you she is very sad it happened. To help her for the future, yourself and myself I did research and I am offering you two easy to apply tips from a national security expert that is continually in the news (details below) so read on and benefit.

GOAL to help you avoid the stress that would come with loss or hacking of your smart phone.

*** Think for a moment if you lost your phone or your phone was stolen and all your personal information was in the hands of someone else. Think also what if someone hacked your phone while it was still in your possession. Use this negative emotion to power yourself into action. Once you have take action share this article with people you know.

TWO Simple and Powerful Steps from a Security Expert

Follow these two tips that come from an interview featuring Edward Snowden who used to work for the CIA.

Note: If you are not sure who Edward Snowden is he is featured in a new film called Snowden

Encrypt your phone
To prevent someone hacking into your phone while it is still in your possession Edward Snowden recommends you encrypt your phone. This I did with my phone and I found it quite easy. I have an android based phone right now and by going to the settings I was able to encrypt the phone. Once set up the encryption took only about 40 minutes to get all done, now I do have to use a code to access the phone each time I turn it on. I heard Apple phones are automatically encrypted, this I cannot confirm since I do not have an Apple phone. If you have an iPhone confirm for yourself. Just make sure you encrypt your phone to protect the privacy of your data on yourself, family, friends and clients.

Two step authentication
Most people have very easy passwords that software could decode easily. In fact here are samples of terrible passwords. Edward recommends you use two step authentication as a way to protect your digital devices.
Here is an explanation of this process and how it works.

Here is a good article to help you create a better more powerful password



Marc Goodman is another expert on technology security read his 12 Tips to enhance your personal security and safety here. Many are easy steps to put in place and yes, I did.