How to Use the Vacuum Law of Prosperity

Did you ever desire a new relationship, a new career, new clothes but you were unwilling to give up the current relationship, unwilling to take the chance on a new career, unwilling to give away your old clothes?

If you are unwilling to make a new choice to make space in your life for the new experiences you are working AGAINST the vacuum law of prosperity.

The vacuum law of prosperity is simply you need to create a space in your life for the new experience to manifest. To use this laws you need to make space in your life.

There has to be space in your life for a new relationship to arrive. If you are still in a current relationship your focus is on that relationship and you will never find a new more desirable relationship. You need to release what you don’t want to get more of what you want.

Take a moment and ask yourself the following

Have you ever met someone who gave up years of an abusive relationship to find their soul mate almost immediately or within several months of the end of the relationship? This is because they made room for their soul mate to show up. This is because their focus was on accepting someone new. Personally, I have had this experience. Ask me about it someday when we meet.

Truly, we often desire new experiences in our lives but we are unable to let go the current experience. To shift our focus. When we do this we are ignoring the power of the vacuum law of prosperity.

Choice to release today an old experience you want to end and allow good new experiences to flow to you.

If you are keen to learn more of the laws of prosperity check out this quick and easy to follow book I have read many times. It is called 37 Secrets about Prosperity.

Enjoy the journey,