How to use the 30 second goal setting technique

Did you read the article The Seven Laws of Successful Goal Achievement?

In this article I wrote about the 30 Second Goal Setting Technique and since so many people like the simplicity of this idea I decided to note it again here so it is easier to share and find in search engines.

This is how it works: (with special thanks to BT)

Tools needed: Pen, Paper and Timing Device


Set your timer for 30 seconds


Start timer and write down the first goals that come into your mind in the 30 seconds.


Clearly note each goal on a separate piece of paper or in digital format.


Make an action plan to achieve each goal.


Take Action


According to the developer of this technique Brian Tracy (Author of 55 best selling books) the goals you write intuitively in 30 seconds will be the same essential goals you would write down if you had 30 minutes or 3 hours because your most important goals always comes to mind first.

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