How to Use AIDA to Market Your Work

The acronym AIDA is one of the techniques you can use to help see if you are going about the marketing of your business in the best way possible.

The acronym is: A for Attention, I for Interest, D for Decision and A for Action. This is the process you need to use to attract potential clients through so they will choose to work with you or purchase from you.

Before I offer some ideas on how to apply this acronym and how other people do too. I would like to say thank you to a friend of mine Eamonn who is a graduate student in business who reminded me of this acronym. Thank you Eamonn.

Now for the explanation:

When you want to promote your work to someone you clearly first need to get their attention.

Today people are bombarded with numerous attention getting devices so you need to really learn the needs of your potential clients and customers and work to attract them in your attention getting activities. To succeed you need to be creative and listen to and speak to the needs of your future clients. You could put an advertisement in a newspaper, put an ad on a bus or creating a blog posting like this but most likely this approach will not work if you do it only once.

Typically you need to ‘try’ to get someone’s attention six or seven times with quality information before they will give you a few moments. One way I have found to get attention is to offer lots of quality information online over a period of time in the form of a blog.

Once you have their attention you have to offer something that is of value to them. Something they find interesting. This something needs to be able to change their life for the better or save them money or make things easier for them. The success of you keeping their attention depends on what you are offering them and their current needs and wants. Remember you can’t please all the people all the time.

If you have someone waiting in your office or waiting for a class or a seminar make sure you have interesting materials available for them to browse so they continually see the value in them choosing to be where they are or they may just get up and leave!

I have worked to keep your attention by stating really quickly at the beginning of this article what this article is all about so if you have read this far I can hope you have a genuine interest in learning about the AIDA approach to marketing your business.  I don’t want to waste your time.

Note: If you have a client or customer who enjoys your work and you already have their attention remember once you have their permission you can use very inexpensive and efficient systems to help you keep them up to date on what you are offering. I use a newsletter distribution system by Aweber. If you want to learn more about one of the most professional ways to keep electronically in contact with people you can read more about Aweber’s approach to permission based email here on their site. You can even test out their system for one dollar.

To truly have a new client or customer for your business the person needs to have made a decision to want your services based on you having clearly got their attention and interest. Sometimes this decision process happens quickly. For example, sometimes I will get hired to make a presentation at a conference during a first conversation with a meeting planner but this does not always happen.

To build long term business relationships you may wish to approach offering lots of advance value to ‘future’ clients and customers by showing them in advance samples of your service. This is why I currently offer a selection of free resources on how to nourish your personal, professional and business development. If you are planning a meeting that needs a presenter on personal or business development I want to keep you seeing the value of my services.

You and I both know that once someone experiences the value in your work they are more likely going to invest some of their hard earned money or limited time or both to get more of what you have to offer. When this happens they have made a decision to work with you and the final step Action will hopefully happen soon.

Once someone has decided to purchase a product or service from you it is important to make the experience they get as they take action is as positive and as easy as possible. If you offer business online make sure you make it easy for people to order from you or at least contact you. Too many times I have (and perhaps you have too) had the experience in the online world of not being able to find the ‘contact information’ or the ordering process on a website. In the ‘bricks and mortar’ world’ I have also gone to stores in the middle of the morning and found out they are closed with no hours of operation posted nor a phone number to call. So they got my attention, my interest, even my decision to invest and then they blocked my ability to take action by a lack of access to service and products.

Consider the AIDA acronym when you work on promoting your business.

All the best to you,