How to Unlearn a Bad Habit

Do you want to increase your health, happiness and prosperity but you feel blocked. Did you know that when you want to make a massive change in your life it is just as important to unlearn an undesired habit as it is to learn a new one to replace it?

Let us think about this for a moment, many times in our lives we have habits we have developed over years that make us do certain actions and generate certain consistent results we do NOT want anymore. We want to make positive changes so we need to learn a new habit, however, no matter what we do we still repeat the old behavior and get the same undesired result. Why does this happen?

This I believe is because we need to first unlearn the powerful unwanted habit we have burned in our minds. The original habit is so strong like an elephant you cannot just remove it just by installing a new habit.

If this sounds like your situation here is one key to help unlock the challenge and help you eliminate the unwanted habit.


Focus on the Negative

Focus in your mind on the truly negative impact of you continuing to perform the same habit for five or ten years into the future.


Visualize the Worst

Really visualize the worst consequences to help your mind reject the habit. For example, perhaps you smoke and you want to give up the habit but you have no negative health results to date. Imagine you are older with a serious health issue related to smoking, visit people who have health problems from smoking and scare your mind into unlearning the habit.


Practice the New Habit

Then start to make a new habit to replace the old undesirable one.

I know this is simplifying habit change but seeing the negative consequences has helped me make massive habit change. Test it out for yourself.

You can also check out this excellent book on habit change. The tools in this book are extremely easy to follow. I like the way they are explained. check it out.

Have a great day, be wonderful!