how to stop worrying and start living


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie is a book I have had in my possession since 1989. So you can believe I see value in the contents of the book. One of the sections titled ‘live in day tight compartments’ offers an excellent way to nourish peace of mind and get a better night’s sleep. In essence it reminds of the value to doing one task at a time and focusing on each moment so we are more at peace. Most importantly, the author teaches the reader how to follow his suggestions. Some people may find the book repetitive as Mr. Carnegie shares multiple examples to cement his ideas but I still found different examples valuable to help me remember what was being said and help me get ideas into action.

Other excellent parts of the book include the 21 words a world famous physician used to banish worry and the technique one of the founders of modern Psychology William James called ‘the sovereign cure for worry’. Now leave aside my review and read comments by other people’s on line by following this link How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
and see if you are interested in investing in a copy of this book.


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