how to stay motivated doing the wrong work

If you have ever felt low in motivation at work then you will relate to this email I received from a client. For privacy reasons I will call her Joan.

Joan contacted me saying ” I have been looking for work for over six months now and I got hired last week. After one week I feel for all the work I am doing I am being underpaid and overworked and I am not sure I like the job but I need the job to support my family. How can I stay motivated?”

I responded by email “The best way to stay motivated is to see the purpose and benefit of your current work. You have children to feed and you must feel good you have a job to support them better now. Indeed, it may not be a perfect job for you but you can learn a lot from this new experience:”


Number one

Embrace Your Training

While you have your current work use your work to be a training ground to learn as much as she can about the industry you are in so the next employer who sees your resume or CV will be keen to hire you.


Number two

Show Your Brightness

While you have your current job do your very best to show everyone you work with and who you serve that you are really capable in your work. Promotions and job offers can show up like magic when you are doing your best.


Number three

Keep on the Lookout

While you are at your current job keep a look out for opportunities that may suit you better and do research before making a change.


Number four

See Your Success

Visualize every night as you go to sleep you are working in your ideal work position.


It is now three weeks since Joan started her new position and she recently let me know she now sees the purpose in her current position and she is using visualization techniques to focus on where she will go next.

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