How to Start Life Management Not Time Management


I recommend Life Management Not Time Management

As you know Time is just something we use to organize our day when, in fact, what we often need to do is organize our lives, more specifically the priorities in our lives. The outcomes we wish or need to reach.

Let us clear the air: today’s comment trend of Hustle, Grind, Being Busy etc. these plus other actions words all sound great but if you are simply in motion (” You tell people I was all over the place today!”) and you did not get done the actions that are leading to the results you want in your life, you are simply doing actions. Yes, I have made this mistake myself but I am getting better at avoiding this trap.

How to Start Life Management and ditch Time Management

It all begins with recognition and awareness.

Today, yes, today before you go asleep, no, not tomorrow today, before you go to sleep get quiet with your favorite beverage and look back on today, just today and ask yourself the follow questions:

Was I just looking busy? Did I actually do one thing that made me proud of what I did today since it is the way I want to live my life? I hope you have something to note down.

Perhaps, today you did reach the outcomes you needed: happy times with children, bike ride, completed e-book for your readers, you fill in the blank _____

If you feel like the day just passed and you did not get anything really done. You will want to look at this article on the O List and an older article on the 4 Ds.

If you need a one on one conversation to help you get on track the way you want to be check out my coaching option that is fully guaranteed.

My recommended book of the day is Get the Life You Want It is a very interesting read and study.

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