How to Start Buying Organic Food?

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To make your body and mind strong you need to fuel yourself with the best quality food.

I am a great believer in the value of organic food for its ability to support our personal well being and the well being of the planet. As a 20 plus year eater of organic foods I am not suggesting something I just started doing. In my home we chose to raise our children on organic food and we have achieved that goal about 95 percent of the time (you have to be flexible, you can’t get every school to supply organic, yet). I chose this approach as a friend of mine once said ‘invest as much as you can in the health of your children.”

To help other people transition to eating organic food I have written a number of articles on organic food

The first article was Food Buzzwords De-Mystified, the second was Why is Organic Food Expensive? and today’s article offers you a simple step to help you start buying organic food in the most stress free manner I know. If you are curious this article is an exert from the inexpensive e-book How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively.

Now, how to start buying organic food in a low stress way.

When you decide you want to buy organic food (and you have become familiar with the identification of organic foods you may find the simplest way to turn your shopping basket into a basket of delicious healthy organic foods is to commence buying organic food in a step by step pattern. You introduce one new organic item into your home after each shopping trip.

A good rule of thumb to help you start this process is to choose to buy the organic version of a conventionally farmed food you eat regularly that is a food most likely to be contaminated by farming practices that use chemical pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

The foods most likely to be contaminated by chemical pesticides and pharmaceuticals are conventionally farmed animal derived food products. This is since conventionally raised farm animals often eat crops sprayed with chemical pesticides and pharmaceuticals are permitted in their feed in sub therapeutic amounts. In contrast, man made chemical pesticides and pharmaceuticals are prohibited in the raising of ‘certified organically raised’ animals.

So if you want to reduce your consumption of foods contaminated by man made chemical pesticides and pharmaceuticals you will want to start to buy certified organic milk, cheese, eggs, poultry etc.

Of course, you can also choose to start by buying organic plant based products to avoid the chemical pesticides used in conventional plant farming. This will be your first chose if your diet is totally animal product free prior to starting your consumption of organic foods.

Over time, whether your diet is plant based or animal and plant based, you can expand your number of organic purchases by perhaps adding a new organic item to your shopping basket each week.

Perhaps you wonder if you can organic food inexpensively?

If you want to buy organic food inexpensively please follow the link and in the write up you will find out how a family on social assistance could afford organic food.

Enjoy a wonderful week,