How to Sleep to Reduce Back Pain and enjoy more Health and Happiness

how to sleep without back pain

I don’t know if you are like me but if I wake up from sleeping with a pain in my back or a stiff neck the discomfort can really put a hold on the health, happiness and prosperity I experience during that day. The discomfort can make visiting friends and working really challenging.

To avoid pain (why not) and increase my ability to leap out of bed in the morning I have studied the good, the bad and the ugly ways of sleeping to avoid back pain.

I could have asked someone to take a few pictures of me in the best sleeping positions but I think it is better I direct you to this short slide show from the Mayo Clinic that gives you quickly some excellent ideas.

Check out the Mayo Clinic slide show on the best sleeping positions

Then come back and check out this article: Sleep The Brain Healer

Just for fun if you are curious as to what the cost of a new organic cotton queen sized mattress is check out this Naturepedic Mattress

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2 comments to How to Sleep to Reduce Back Pain and enjoy more Health and Happiness

  • Hi David,
    Good sleep is so important to the well-being of our mind and body. I know that a good mattress is expensive but I would encourage everyone to go ahead and splurge in this area.

    • David Hennessey

      Thanks again for listening.
      You are right a good mattress is expensive but when you invest in quality you typically get one that lasts a long time.

      It is also important to make sure you get one that is made without toxic materials so that harmful chemicals are not being emitted when you are sleeping. As a Dad, I particularly recommend a high quality mattress for babies and children

      Just my opinion.