How to Shorten the Learning Curve

I am continually in a state of learning and sharing more and more about personal and professional development. I just finished listening to a Success Magazine audio interview between Darren Hardy, author and publisher of Success Magazine and John Assaraf, businessman and author. One phrase John stated took my attention and it is the inspiration behind this article. He said ‘you can collapse time’. Darren said ‘How?’ John explained.

You collapse time when you shorten the learning curve. In fact, you can collapse the time needed to learn any skill.  John said you do this by reading and studying everything you can done by other people before you in your area of interest. This may be so obvious but I believe many people still forget this. It is always amazing to me how many people I meet young and old who tell me they just want to find their own way to a solution. They want to do things there own way, figure it out and they don’t take the time to learn the lessons other people offer them.

A book you can read in a week or a video you can watch in two hours can teach you what took a researcher ten years to discover. By studying other people, you will have ‘collapsed the learning curve of time’ from taking ten years to one week.

Important caveat: It is important to note here that John is not just referring to reading a book about something or someone you must study the material. That means getting out your ‘post it’ notes or highlighter or note pad, whatever you prefer so you really digest the content. By studying the material you make it easier for your brain to remember and refer to the content in the future. In fact, when you make notes you can then ‘collapse time’ to re read the book from one week to minutes.

Personally, I remember ‘collapsing time’ from when I was in university. At first it took me weeks to read a text book. Then because of note taking I was able to revise the same text book content in just a few hours and that helped me get very high results.

Are you collapsing time on a daily basis?

Continued best wishes to you as always,

Your friend on the journey,