How to set up a Successful Niche Business

If you want to create a successful business and not be in competition with everyone you need to pick your own market niche.

When I first started out seeking income through teaching personal and professional development I thought the best thing to do was to share with people all the knowledge I had about every area of success and wellness. My business card listed my background in nutrition, psychology, real estate to name a few. I thought this declaration of all my training enhanced my chances of getting clients, do you think it did?

Not at all, people saw me as a generalist instead of as a specialist. Sure I made some money here and there but nothing consistent and I never improved my work since I was trying to do everything. Until one day.

One day I remembered people pay more for a specialist Doctor than a generalist Doctor so if I picked one area, one particular business niche and developed that into my business as my one and only focus so I could succeed. Guess what happened.

I succeeded more and more everyday.

Here are some tips to help you create your own successful niche business:


Find your Niche

Look at all the training and skills you have and pick one that you want to focus on. Remember to pick one that you are really keen to grow more knowledge about, one that you wish to work on for a long time. This may not be the one you are making the most money from in your business at the time of your decision, it needs to be the one you are most passionate about that once developed people will want to pay for.



Select your Business Name

Be cautious when you pick your business name. Is it easy for people to remember? Is it easy for people to spell correctly even if they have not seen it written down? I have written on how to choose a business name before. Consider the contents of this business naming article and this second article when you work on picking your business name.



Select your Online Business Name / Domain Name

Your wellness business domain name like your business name is a very important choice one that needs to be memorable and easy to spell and relates to your wellness business niche. Make sure you read this article on common domain naming mistakes.



Choose Your Online Host

Your online presence is essential whether your business is a centre, a store or coaching or any other form of business. Avoid getting caught by the concept that the cheapest approach to hosting a website or blog is best.

The cheapest which is often free can be a good starting point if you are just doing business without the intention of ever making any income.

But it is often not scalable into a serious business. If you are serious about earning income you can have professional online hosting for around one hundred dollars a year, that is all. A small investment and well worth it when you pick the right host. Here is an article reviewing website /blog hosting companies than can help you decide who is right for you.



Develop Your Niche Brand

As part of your marketing you will have brochures, business cards and your website / blog and each of these can be easy for you to develop on your own based on tools available today. One important step is the selection of the website theme / template you use. You want to choose one that helps you design a site that does not look like everyone’s site and one that you can make adjustment to and add content too on your own.

If you choose the right template you don’t have to be a web designer to add content to your site, content that will attract clients. You just need to choose the right simple to use software. So choose well and note choosing well does not have to mean you pay for the template.



Development your Niche Content

As a business owner you will need to have your own niche content to share samples of in your marketing and to use extensively in your programs. If what you offer is the same product or service as many others it will take longer for you to build a client base that offers you stable income. No need to be totally different in your product or services you can simply use a different approach to packaging ideas that can make your business stand out in the crowd.



Find Clients

One you have the basics of your niche business in place you will need to find clients like every business owner must. If you have the first six steps in place you will over time be catching the attention of new clients that are seeking you in particular.