How to Ruin your Life: Use these Four Habits

the wonder technique

When it comes to reducing stress in my own life it took me a few years to figure out that I had four habits I used to practice that do not work to reduce stress.

I actually was working on removing these habits individually when I read a comment by a person on a website that these 4 C’s often exist together in the mind of the user (in this case myself).

They are:





It goes like this: if I try to change someone, correct someone’s behavior, control someone’s behavior or convince someone of something I am on a downward slop to a lack of peace of mind because I cannot change, correct, control or convince someone to do anything. They have free will like me.

When I reflected on my life I could see that by eliminating the four C’s in my life I would be more stress free.

Yes, it is true that during the days I do not use the 4 C’s life is so much better.

This is true personally and professionally. When I use the 4 C’s to have someone believe my opinion or buy my services I am already on a downward slop. But if I simply share my ideas the results are much more positive.

Action step for today: Take five minutes and look at your life. If you are experiencing stress do you have the habit of using any of the 4 C’s? If so, see if you can stop using them in relationships (business and personal) and see what you experience.

The alternative is to lead by example and when people see you experiencing more of what they want (happiness, health etc) they will ask you to show them what you are doing and you will not need to use the 4 C’s.

Enjoy a wonderful day,

P.S. If you know the origin of the 4 C’s please let me know.