How to Repair a Relationship by Changing your Focus

Life is all about living a happy, healthy and prosperous life but sometimes you and I may experience unhappy relationships because experiences with those we love spending time with are not going well.

Perhaps, it is like this: some circumstances like financial stress, family illness etc has created a situation where almost every time you meet the person there is a conflict and your mind keeps on focusing on the conflicts.

In fact, you start to think each time you are going to see the same person there will be a conflict. You don’t want a conflict but you are focusing on avoiding the conflict and where is your focus? It is on conflict. So you have another conflict.

What can you do?

One action I have learned and practiced is to take the time when I am not with a person I am having a conflict to focus on what I really like about the person.

I take a few minutes each day often just after I awake or before I go to sleep and I  write down all the things I love about being in relationship with this person.

This automatically turns my focus on the positive attributes of the person and I can start to visualize positive interactions with my friend again.

The action of focused positive writing helps over time to nourish the positive thoughts in my mind so that the next time I meet my friend my focus is not on the negative but on the positive side of what I love about them.

Perhaps, this technique will work for you. You have everything to gain.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. As you work on seeing positive attributes of your friend you will also need to find positive attributes in yourself. If you find you are too stressed I recommend you read books with very helpful and easy to apply tips like Peace Is Every Step, As A Man Thinketh and 19 Steps to Reduce Stress and Increase Success and Well Being