How to Reduce Stress as a Home Based Enterpreneur

stress management

A stressful environment

Feeling stressed as a work from home entrepreneur?

I am a home-based business owner and I have done research over time and yes, participated in my own experiments to find out what works and what does not to manage my work stress in a home environment.

Here are a few simple yet effective (i.e. they work!) ideas

1) Create a space
I used to have an office space that was truly an ‘undedicated’ space in the middle of my home. My children would pass by and I would get the occasional question as to when was I going to have my own space and be ‘out of the way’.
I recently finished renovating a space that is still a bit cold due to heating issues but is really relaxing since I don’t have to pack away all my work items at the end of the day and when I feel inspired (like I do right now to share with you) I actually have a place to write.

The key clearly is to have a dedicated space no matter how small. In the past, I built a good 6 figure business (and had lots of wonderful clients!) while I had my home office in what was essentially a storage space. The important part was it was a set space, it makes work life less stressful.

2) Personalize the Space
I love reading and although today I don’t have as much time to sit down and just read and re-read favorite books I have bought via Amazon like this one I do still love to walk into my work space and see my favorite books on a shelf. I don’t think having digital files on a computer will ever have the same impact for me as seeing the books on the shelf.

The key is the books help personalize the space. I also recommend that you add an oxygen producing plant (this is on my to-do list) and make sure you can open a window or door to get fresh air while at work.

3) Leave the Space
Make sure you isolate your work activity as much as you can from the rest of your life. Whether you have family like me or not.

The key is that when you are not at work you are not in that space. Sure you can use that space to read but avoid taking your work out of that space into another part of your home. Unless you have internet issues that sometimes happens in our old French home.

I hope these simple and effective (for me) ideas work for you as a reminder.

Your friend on the journey,