How to Reduce Pain Instantly

As humans somehow we seem to be heavily wired in our brains to compare experiences to help us organize our lives. Sometimes this can be a very negative tendency as it can lead to judging people and being unfair to them. On the contrary, this same tendency to compare can be used to reduce pain or another stress in our lives.

For example, did you ever have a moment of physical pain and the pain disappeared when you saw someone more physically worse off than you? I have. I recall the time when I pulled muscles in my back. I was unable to walk without pain for almost a week but I still went for short walks to keep the muscles from tightening up. One day during my healing period I was out for a walk and I saw a man in a wheel chair with only one leg waiting to cross the street. Through my minds use of the law of comparison I realized how in fact minor my pain was and how manageable my situation was. Indeed, a week later my back was fine and I was off hiking again. To me, seeing this man was a blessing as it made me aware of how, in fact, how fortunate I am.

You can use this same technique to help reduce stress in your work place or in your personal life.

Perhaps, you have a difficult work assignment. It is stressful to complete but if you think of the people who need work and who would be grateful for your job and the fact that the assignment will eventually be completed the stress you are experiencing hopefully will go down.

Perhaps, you are experiencing communication challenges with your children. When you think about all the blessings they bring to your life then managing this communication stress can be reduced substantially.

Perhaps, you agree or disagree with what I am sharing suggesting here. It is simply another possible tool for you to use in your life to generate more health, happiness and prosperity. As always I welcome your feedback via the link at the end of this posting.

Best Wishes, David

P.S. If you are looking for some extra tools to nourish your mind to see things in a more positive light I recommend you check out two books I have read and value: As a Man Thinketh and The Art of Happiness