How to Reduce Jet Lag / Flight Fatigue


If you travel by airplane for work or for pleasure or both you may experience the stress of fatigue during or after a flight. Since there is a demand for my work in helping people reduce their stress my work can take me across several times zones in a plane so I thought today I would write a short post on one habit I always embrace before, during and after flying to help me keep healthy and stress free.

Before and During the Flight

I am not a doctor and I don’t pretend to be so you can check this out for yourself: I have read that during a flight due to the air conditioning adults can lose up to 24 oz or 2/3 of a liter of precious body water content. This dehydration can mess up my thinking and perhaps, yours too. So it makes sense that before you (and I) fly to make sure we are well hydrated by sipping water on the day of departure.

Also, it is recommended that during the flight make sure to drink water and be aware that if you drink diuretics like pop, coffee and alcohol during the flight you will need to drink more water to compensate for the dehydration this type of drinks causes. A good rule of thumb I heard is for every cup of a diuretic you drink, drink a cup of water.

Also, if you eat water laden vegetables and fruits during the flight this will also help counter dehydration. It is best in my experience to avoid eating nuts and other dry foods that require your body to take in more water to digest them. So no more in flight mini pretzels! Perhaps, the ‘post flight fatigued feeling’ that you have had in the past was only caused by dehydration. Check it out and see what happens for you.

On Arrival

Are you going to somewhere cold? You may be surprised that you need to drink more water in cold as well as in hot climates. If you are in a cold climate I have read your lungs will work harder to get inside you the precious oxygen you need to survive. This extra work draws the moisture out of your lungs quicker and your lungs must stay moist to function properly. In a hot climate, as you most likely know, you need to drink more water as the heat draws water from your body.

On arrival you need to continue sipping water throughout the day so you will need to get to you baggage as soon as you can and find and fill up your water bottle so you have water availalble to drink. If you don’t have a water bottle to carry with you when you are traveling you will want to check out the Stainless Steel Water Bottle review I posted here. Some bottles are insulated so they stay cool longer. Check out the details.

If you are looking for more information on the importance of water in your body or you are looking for this information to share with a friend. You can read this other posting Ten reasons why water is important for your Success and Wellness.

The best of everything to you always,