How to Reduce Eye Strain when reading a PDF document

I am always reading to learn more about personal and business development so I can share more with you and my clients. One kind of book I am reading more of recently are the electronic kind, more precisely PDF documents.

When I was reading one of Seth Godin’s e-books I found a tip worth sharing that I hope will help you experience less eye strain when you are reading a PDF document.

The tip is this:

On your keypad hold down the control button and press the letter L. This will shift the screen into a full view mode that is easier on the eyes. You can move forward page by page using the up down arrows on your keyboard. When you want to move back to your regular screen view you simply press the escape key at any time.

Share this it is helpful – thanks again Seth!

Enjoy a great day,


By the way, you can read about Seth Godin’s most recent book by following this link Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?