How to reduce cell phone radiation

The jury may still be out on the impact of cell phone radiation but I rather play it safe and avoid radiation when I can. Here are some of the tips I have learned over time to reduce the amount of cell phone radiation I expose myself to as I daily use a cell phone.


The number one action one can take is to use a radiation reducing cell phone case. One such case is the case linked to here and pictured above. This case I understand is the only technology proven by the FCC certified labs to reduce our exposure to mobile device radiation by up to 95% below the FCC limit without compromising our device’s ability to communicate. The company also offers a rugged cell phone case case that are not only protect your body from radiation but also protect the phone if it is dropped.


The number two action one can take to reduce the absorption of cell phone radiation is to use a wired head set. Even with the frustration of it getting tangled up from time to time I believe is much safer than holding the phone to my ear. I can also hear better using the wired head piece.


The number three action I can take to reduce receive cell phone radiation is to make sure that when I am on my cell phone using the headset I keep the phone away from my body. I avoid clipping it to my belt or putting it in a pocket.


The number four best action I can take to reduce the impact of cell phone radiation is to avoid using the phone while driving. Why? Apparently the cell phone needs to radiate a stronger electromagnetic signal when you are driving since you are moving between towers rapidly, makes sense to me.


The number five best action I can take to reduce cell phone radiation is to avoid placing my cell phone off close to me at night time and to preferably turn it off. Note: I use my phone as a wake up alarm but the alarm works with the phone turned off.

Please share these ideas with friends and email me more ideas you have and I can add them to this list.

In addition, I recommend you check out the FCC certified radiation reducing cell phone covers. There are Leather Touch iPhone CasesRugged iPhone Cases and Droid Cases and the new Pong “Leather Touch” Radiation-redirecting Case for iPad

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