How to Recognize Organic Food including Sample Logos

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In support of the health of the planet and our own health my family and I buy organic food. Yesterday I was chatting with a new friend about organic food and I mentioned my family and I have been eating almost exclusively organic food for over 12 years and she did not believe me. She said “organic food is too expensive” and she wondered how I could recognize if food was really organic.

We chatted more and I shared that I had written books on how to buy organic food inexpensively and I went on to mention the following about how to recognize organic food. I thought you might find this short note of interest too. It is a partial excerpt from one of the e-books on shopping for organic on the cheap.

“To find ‘Certified Organic’ Food look for labeling that indicates clearly a product or produce is certified organic and by which third party certifying organization. This is important because some foods for sale may be labeled incorrectly as ‘organic’ because the store owner or market vendor misunderstands the rules that indicate a food is truly ‘organic’.

When a product is third party certified you have more than the farmer’s or shop owner’s word to rely on. To be certified organic, products must follow certain guidelines during growth and processing and the adherence to these guidelines must be verified by a certified third party organization.

In general, most organic standards of certification for quality control around the world are similar but not identical and since there is no global standard each country and sometimes each province or state has a different organization monitoring and granting organic certification.

As I write I believe there are over forty countries with national organic regulations.

Below on the left is the logo for Certified European Organic Food followed by two examples of the Canadian Organic Food Certification logo and the US Certified Organic Food logo.

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