How to really learn the content of a book

In the past to nourish my personal development I have many books to nourish my personal growth but I have stopped reading books.

Now I don’t read books anymore.

I study them.

As I sit reading I have a pen in hand and I take notes just like when I used to do research in university.

I know now, as you most likely do too, that I will learn lots more of what I am reading when I take the time to think and takes notes about what I am reading.

If you don’t think my advice is powerful enough ask Harvey Mackay best selling author of books like Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive. Harvey is one very successful businessman who follows this same approach to learning the content of books.

If you only read personal development books right now and you find that the reading is making very little impact in your life then start studying the content today.

You have everything to gain.

Your friend on the journey,