How to Read 1000 Words per Minute Use Spritz

Want to read Faster? If you feel that you would be able to complete your daily work quicker if you could read faster your daily dose of email, marketing materials and whatever else you need to read then maybe Sprintz Inc has the solution.

The average person is reading at 220 words per minute and the speed is hard to increase since we spend a lot of time and energy moving our eyes back and forth across the page we are viewing.  (yes, that is how you just read this!)

Sprintz has a new technology that uses what they call our ‘Optimal Recognition Point’ and passes words in front of your eyes at speeds up to 1000 words per minute.

I personally visited their site and within one minute could read and comprehend what was being shared with me at a speed of 600 words per minute. This means I could cut my reading time in half depending on what I am reading giving me more time to spend daydreaming up new ideas, playing with my children or reading another book.

Visit the Sprintz page here to learn about the technology and TEST DRIVE their system and see how fast you can read. Then come back and tell me what you think.

Worth Noting: Samsung will be shipping it new flagship mobile phone the Galaxy S5 with Spritz’s email reader pre-installed. The S5 was launched at the Mobile World Congress on February 4th. Perhaps by the time your read this article you will be able to order the S5 on Amazon. Check out Amazon

All the best

P.S. Remember to come back and tell me what you think of the Spritz system.