How to protect your eyes from computer vision syndrome Nine Tips

Computer vision syndrome or CVS is the medical label for dry, burning eyes and blurred vision that is typically experienced from staring at a computer screen.

Here are nine tips to protect your eyes from computer vision syndrome.



Every hour or maximum every two hours turn your eyes away from the computer screen by going for a walk to the water cooler to fill up your water bottle or at the very least make phone calls without looking at the screen. To help train you to take this rest period set the vibrating alarm on your phone or watch or get a funny timer like this.




Exercise your eyes by looking from side to side every 15 to 20 minutes. Roll your eyes which will make others who see you doing this smile. Then focus on a distant object outside a window, if possible. Again to help train you to take this exercise period set the vibrating alarm on your phone or watch or use these silly timers.




From time to time tilt your screen to a different angle to change the focal point of your eyes to reduce the tendency of your eye muscles to start to become less flexible.




If you can change the zoom on your screen so you rest your eyes from looking at the same size writing all the time.




Drink more water to help keep all your body hydrated and help prevent headaches due to eye strain. Read ten reasons why water is important.




Make sure you eat foods that help nourish your eyes including orange vegetables and green leafy vegetables that are rich in nutrients to help protect your eyes.




Purchase preservative free eyes drops to help moisten your eyes when you are working with the computer a lot.




When you get away from the computer screen don’t pick up a book to read or watch the TV or start sending messages on your phone. Instead rest your eyes by letting them wander as you go for a walk or sit down to just daydream for a few minutes.




Make sure you get a proper night’s sleep to rest your eyes.

These ideas come from my personal experience and research with what works for me to help reduce eye strain. Learn more ways to nourish you health by reading the work done by the excellent Doctor Oz.

Best of Wellness to you,