How to Prevent losing a USB or Flash Drive Work Life Stress Management

One experience that can get me a little stressed and unbalance my day is when I misplace a Flash Drive Memory stick sometimes called a USB key. I use several to store information for my work. Unfortunately, last week I misplaced one very important flash drive that contains lots of valuable (to me) work. 16 G of it! May be you have seen it? It looks like this.

I guess my mind has been a bit over occupied (illness in the family etc) and I misplaced the drive (at least I thought I did) at the printers I use but when I phoned the printers the owner said he has lots of drives that were left behind but not one that matched my description.

So I had to come to terms mentally and emotionally with the loss of the drive. This was easier to do since I have an easy to use Seagate 500 GB Portable Hard Drive I back the USB up into the portable drive usually on a weekly basis.

To avoid the same stressful experience I took a new kingston USB drive and I did something very simple to help me make sure that if I misplace my drive again the print shop owner or anyone else who finds it can contact me. I put some masking tape on the drive and added my Name and Phone number.

Maybe, this may not work but it gives me a better chance in the future of someone being able to contact me.

Of course, another even better solution would be for me to buy a flash drive that looks like a real house or office key (like this model) and put it on my key chain. This I think will be my next step.

Please share this simple stress management solution. It could save someone a lot of anxiety. Someone like me if I read it in the past 🙂

Best Wishes,